Threading-An Ancient Hair Removal System

Threading – An Ancient Hair Removal System

Threading is the return of an ancient art called “fatlah” in Egyptian or “khite” in Arabic.  Using cotton thread twisted into a “cat’s cradle” loop the threading technician is able to remove hair from the body quickly. A quick trip to Texas allowed me the time to try this process. I also asked my husband to try it. Not that his eyebrows are out of control – I selfishly wanted to see it done up close and personal. Being the gentleman that he is, he agreed. We left the kids with the grandparents and strolled into the mall on a Monday morning. Often the brow shaping kiosks are in the main mall walkway, visible to all who pass by. This was a little too public for my hubby and me; so we dropped in a more salon style place. Threading places often do not require appointments for eyebrows.

A wonderful middle aged East India woman invited me to sit down in a barber style chair and lean my head back. I asked her to thread my eyebrows and any other facial hair (chin and mustache). She went right to the work, directing me to hold my right eye lid closed with one hand and place the other hand on my forehead and pull backward creating taunt skin around the brow area. She then took white thread and twisted it into a “cat’s cradle” and placed a long end into her mouth. With eyes closed I felt what I have since described as a mass tweezing action. Multiple hairs were removed at once and she worked the loop between her fingers pulling back the long end with her head. With a couple of quick strokes she finished one brow and move deftly to the next. Then she proceeded to do the rest of my face. In less than 10 minutes she was done and rubbed a baby oil style product on my skin. My skin was slightly pink, similar to waxing. As I reviewed my brows, I was pleasantly surprised. Although my lovely threading tech had not asked how I would like my brows shaped, they were perfect!

My husband, champ that he is, sits down the threading chair. I must have made it look like a piece of cake. Unfortunately, it was more like lamb to the slaughter. Being no stranger to the pain of facial waxing for too many years to count, I did not think about hubby’s virgin skin. Bless his heart he did not say a word. He calmly followed the tech’s instructions, holding each eye and not even flinching. Even his manly eyebrows looked great when the tech had finished.

I paid her $20 for my face and $10 for hubby’s brows with a handsome tip for letting me hover over her during my husband’s threading and we walked out of the store, both a little pink in the face. Hubby turned to me as we entered the main mall with an astonished look on his face. He hissed, “Didn’t that hurt you?” “Yes, of course but no worse than waxing,” I said. He stopped and looked me square in the face and said, “You do this all the time? They should offer anesthesia or gas before they do that! That hurts, you owe me big time!”

Threading is fast, effective and if done correctly does not damage even very sensitive skin. I did not have any skin lifting, burning or irritation other that the pink which was gone in a few hours. Painless? NO, definitely not, says my husband. Would he do it again, no, not unless there was a lot of money involved.


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