Dermatologists rank acne (80%) as the top reason for patient visits.


Dermatologists rank acne (80%) as the top reason for patient visits.

Myth- Keeping my skin super clean will stop acne.

Truth:  Blackheads and pimples start 2 mm below the surface of the skin.  Scrubbing hard enough to 2 mm under the skin would produce blood.  Over-cleansing the skin stimulates the sebaceous glands (oil)  to over produce thus clogging the hair follicle by trapping skin cells in the oil and creating a perfect environment to host Propionibacterium acnes (p. acne) bacteria.

Myth- Leave it alone and it will go way.

Truth:  While picking will cause damage to the skin not treating could result in Post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation  (PIH), pinky-purple or brown stains that can remain on the skin for 3, 6, 12 months.   Though these spots fade they are replaced by new ones every time a new pimple forms.

Myth-Acne will burn out eventually.

Truth:  Maybe.  As hormones change in different stages of life acne can reappear with birth control pills, pregnancy, menopause, medication or other hormone shifts.  The skin is amazing and can repair itself quickly, BUT if left too long the tissue is damaged to the point that a scar is left.

Myth-The sun helps my skin.

Truth: The tan you get from the sun temporarily hides break outs and dries out skin.  The dry skin can lead to more dead clumping of skin cells that clog pores.   Wrinkles, skin cancer and hyper-pigmentation can also result from this “treatment”.

Why do some acne treatments stop working? OTC acne treatments are often is formulated with insoluble or irregular shaped benzoyl peroxide crystals that are too large to penetrate the skin into the follicle to kill the p. acne. This results in irritation and redness of the skin that often makes the skin look worse.

Hope yes?  Simple yes! Available in Grand County yes!  For more information on acne and its causes and cures check out  Or stop by and see Tanya Gioia at A la Mode Day Spa.


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