Motivation is not in my vocabulary as winter approaches. I want to hunker down and eat heavy breads, warm soups and Christmas cookies, under a cozy blanket with a good book.  The dog hates me for this because we stop his daily constitutional when the snow flies.  Cold and frosty morning walks in the dark are not my thing.   So as this season approaches I began searching for another alternative to the winter exercise blues.   As a busy mom I needed something close, fun, and easy.  If I have to think about it, it is not going to happen.

Plus, with the Obagi Medical Skin Care System, my skin is looking great, so uhumm what about the rest of me.  As the largest execrator of toxins in the body the skin benefits from regular exercise.  Exercise increases blood flow that removes toxins leaving the skin more time to repair itself.   Sweating is great for the skin, the increased blood flow and sweat also allows for normal excretion of the skin cell’s waste.  After a workout it is important to deter bacteria by cleansing the face and body as quick as possible.

Using Obagi generated such extensive changes in my skin it motivated me to search for a solution to “winter exercise blues”. So, I finally took my fresh skin down to a warm, friendly, fun place.  Curves Zumba classes a blazing fun workout.  Remember dancing with the hair brush just because you like the song and felt like it.  Zumba is like that great slumber party, dance jam that motivates you to tackle the rest of the day.   I leave Curves smiling, which is great as it uses 15 less muscles than frowning leaving me with fewer wrinkles!

What is going to motivate you?

If you’re ready to lose as much as 20 pounds of body fat and 20 inches in 90 days, all Curves for their great new program 970-887-0888.

If you are ready to lose the brown spots, adult acne,See skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles call Tanya Gioia, Joyous Skin 970-531-1576.  See the coupon in today’s paper for a deal on both!


One plan.  One place.  Curves.


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