My Skin Story -Laser & Peels Procedures Made It Worse

Tanya Gioia june 8, 2012 front beforeObagi Before Obagi

After 4 weeks and 5 days

Tanya Gioia Obagi 4wks front 2

To continue with my skin story,  I became an esthetician in 2004.  In the first few years I tried several of the high level procedures, peels, laser, retinoids with no success.  In fact with the peels and laser I went backwards.  I chose laser for hair removal, acne, and hyper-pigmentation.  One night, after my third laser treatment I drove the 45 minutes home still burning from the treatment.  I took advil and put an ice pack on my face for 3 hours.  No reduction in any of the problems I was trying to work with and more brown stained skin!  Two problems – 1) laser tech may not have been thinking about my type of skin and burned me 2) without pretreatment my Fitzpatrick 4 skin will post injury hyper-pigment.  This means I have a over functioning group of melanicites that try to protect my skin by forming brown spots.

A tan is the skin trying to protect itself from the sun – the sun is wounding the skin and the only defense the skin has to keep from burning off and peeling is to send up this hard working group of melanicites.  Hyper-pigmentation is the over functioning of the same melanicites mainly due to an injury.
My skin response was the same with vitamin a peels and with glycolic acid peels.  So I worked on getting the acne under control and left the rest alone.  Lets talk products lines next time!


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