Virtual Assitant

I have a VA a virtual assistant. It makes me giggle when I say it. I tell everyone they need a VA. What does a VA do you ask? Well depending on the company, just about anything. Personal VA’s book trips, arrange birthday parties, write letters, shop, organize Christmas lists, and coordinate family functions. VA’s in a business firm do just that organize your business, organize data bases, write and edit letters, blogs, proposals, research new business ventures, SEO management, web building just about anything that pertains to your business. The one thing they cannot do is be present at the meeting or birthday party. Otherwise most firms can handle anything large and small.

Get this, it is not really a virtual assistant but a team of them! So if I need technical assistance with something I am working on then someone on that team gets brought in to help. Each person communicates with me directly and with my main VA, Zahad and as my VA firm. Based in India many of the requests I make get done while I sleep. Yippy someone is working on my business while I am dreaming of the next plan.

Although, I communicate with Zahad mainly through email, he speaks and writes better English than I do as a native. He is gentle and kind when I forget what I have assigned for him to work on or when my IPhone takes over and makes gibberish out of the email I am trying to send with instruction for the next task.

logoHere is a short video on how you can outsource your work to Get Friday


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