I See Naked People!

book me a tanSunless Tanning creates that glow we all love without the exposure to the sun. But how do you get naked in front of someone you have never met before.  If you are an exhibitionist by nature this is not a rational question, but for most people this is the scariest part of the treatment.  Ten years ago, in the early years of sunless tanning, I did have one poor client who fainted!  After a few minutes rest on the massage table she recovered enough to finish the tan.  Creating a comfortable warm environment for clients to disrobe is the first order of business.  For a first time client:

Meet them at the door, shake their hand warmly, clarify names and get information.

Make sure they know your name and what to expect.

Show the client the treatment room equipment and go over the whole procedure while dressed. It is hard for most of us to think while we are undressed.  Make sure the treatment room is clean and comfortable.

Temperature is crucial.  A sweating client is a streaked client.  A cold client is an unhappy client.  As the technician you may have to layer your clothes to be comfortable in a colder or warmer room.

Offer disposable (bras, panties, boxers), nose and eye covering.

Show client where to hang clothes.  (You don’t want to trip over them while spraying)

Remind client that anything they leave on will cause a line, please think carefully about what you will wear afterward.  (Fixing a halter top swim suit spray tan because the bride forgot to tell you she is wearing a strapless dress is no fun!)

Body Sculpting-if you have added this talk with you client that you will be touching them with a small paint brush and a towel make sure they are comfortable with you doing this.

Ask for questions.

Step out of the room for the client to undress.  Do Not Leave them standing their Naked for more then 2 minutes!

Return to the room ask if there are more questions.

Prep the client for the tan.

Remind the client that you will be walking them through a series of turns and if they can’t hear you just ask.

A comfortable conversations about up and coming event, vacation, dress, or something the spa is sponsoring is often helpful to keep the mood lite.  In addition, make sure to make eye contact just as you would if they were dressed.

Body Sculpt or Spray on the solution.

Use your unique technique to get the  perfect tan.

Have the client step in front of the mirror and inspect the tan for themselves.  This simple technique has saved me hours,money and reputation.  The client is now as responsible for missed or flawed areas as you are.  They are the final check not you.

Tell the client that they are free to get dressed and you answer any questions and explain follow-up care when they come out.

Seat the client comfortably go over followup instructions, ask of questions, thank them.

Re-booking and payment happen at this point.

Walk client to the door.

Getting naked in front of a non-family member can be uncomfortable.  Chatting, proper eye conduct and answering all questions while dressed helps the client to trust you and relax.   A return client who shows off their tan to others is the goal!


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