Make the Big Scary Bank Work For You

I live in an itty-bitty small tourist town and bank with a local bank. Electronic bill pay sounded like a Star Track invention. An angel named Sarah entered my life.  “Sign up for bill pay and the bank cuts, stamps, mails the check and with a tantalizing smile “Sarah said, “it is immediately withdrawn from your checking.”  Wow! No more wondering when my rent check will be cashed, where is an envelop or a stamp, or will there be enough money when Uncle Johnny finally puts the check for auto parts in the bank.

With Sarah’s help ( she is my personal banker)  I set a regular date, have the check drawn and it is instantly remove from my account with that information flowing directly into money management software Electronic transfer is also available for a direct transaction if you are paying larger companies.  Boom, no forgetting, no money in stamps and I do not have to enter anything into the as it already recognizes the transaction. But wait there is more, you can use this process for single payments too not just reoccurring payments. How cool is that!  No cash for the babysitter, take her name and address write the electronic check and it is auto withdrawn. If said babysitter cashes it right away great, if she choose to wait, oh until she goes to school in September, no biggie it is already in the budget.

Last plus, no more paying $40-50 bucks for bank checks and then having to store them for 7 years.  The bank does all that for you.  Take that you big scary bank monster now you work for me!


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