Oat Meal - SkinThought Oats were the Plain Jane of the Grain World…Think Again!

Advanced skin care benefits from the multifaceted oat.  Full of Beta-Glucan this rather common grain enhances the skins ability to heal itself by stimulating the immune cells to heal wounds on the surface  by providing a thin film on the outer layer of the skin while still penetration deep enough into the skin to moisturize and activate collagen. Oats unique composition is comprised of: Polysaccharides (60%), Proteins (10-18%), Lipids (3-9%), Saponins, Enzyme (highly sought after superoxide dismutase), Prostaglandin-Synthesis inhibitors, Flavonoids and Vitamins.

Focusing on the vitamin composition alone oats are pretty amazing:

B Vitamins- Helps your body metabolize fats, proteins, carbohydrates plays a role in nerve communication. Oatmeal contains B-1, B-2, B-3, B-6, &B-9.  Acne Skin is often missing these vitamins.

E Vitamin- clever antioxidants that protect against damage facilitate cell communication, a free radical fighter!

K Vitamin-K is the super hero of the day. It responds to injury and bruising by triggering your body to produce blood clots to stop bleeding, on the surface of the skin this internal clotting stops the appearance of the bruising in injured area.

Superoxide dismutase quenches the one of ageing’s most notorious foes the superoxide radical a reactive oxygen species found that can rapidly age skin.

Eating Oatmeal is a healthy way to start the day.  Why not add it to your evening routine as a calming facial mask. Oatmeal &Honey Mask –Brightens and Moisturizes Skin

½ Oatmeal

¼ Raw honey

3T warm water

Mix in blender or food processor for a few minutes until mostly smooth.

Cover face with mask and let dry about 20 minutes.  Rinse with warm water until removed.  Face will feels smooth, soft, glowing!  The mask is gentle enough to be repeated 2 times a week.   Time Saver:  A quick trick is to do this mask while you shower and let the steam of the shower open your pores.  Ten minutes of mask a couple times a week will greatly improves also saves time!


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