Classic Eyebrows

Beautiful Classic Eyebrows

Audrey Hepburn - Classic EyebrowsClassic, simple and now a beauty status symbol. Full groomed eyebrows, are an overlooked way to provide a youthful appearance to any face. Well shaped eyebrows go with any outfit any time of day. If eyes are the window to the soul, then eyebrows are the perfect frame to enhance the view.

Part of Jim Carey’s comedic success is due to his elastic facial expressions. Can you imagine Carey’s stunts without eyebrows? I watched my own infants mimic my facial expressions. Now my very blonde seven year old does a great quizzical single eyebrow raise that perfectly imitates mine.

Hormones, over- tweezing, illness and medication can reduce the once luscious eyebrow to something barely there. Whether you are a simple lip and lashes girl or a make-up diva, let them grow! New, reasonably priced products have entered the market to help with growth. Many products are mineral and algae based with no side effects and truly work to increase fullness of the eyebrow. Wading through the cosmetic options for eyebrow enhancement is a little trickier. The classic penciled eyebrow look of Lucile Ball is no longer appealing. Now a combination of semi-permanent dyes, powders, gels and wash-off tints help achieve a more natural, time-friendly look. Something as simple as a clear gel can lift and set an arch so that you too can give the one raised eyebrow “oh really” perfectly. Take a little time for a professional eyebrow redesign (remember she may ask you to let them grow); paired with a 10 second at-home brush of powder or gel and you will have the perfect frame for your lovely windows.

Tanya Gioia Joyous Skin


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