New Year, New Skin! Microderm to Ring in the New Year

Q: What’s the second-hardest substance next to diamonds? A: Aluminum oxide crystal.

This inert crystal is a hard-working, mechanical exfoliate for the skin. These crystals used in combination with a vaccum suction constitute a microdermabrasion.  Microdermabrasion started in the 1980s as a way to work with the crusty outer layer of skin generated by lack of cell turnover. Without regular exfoliation, all those expensive lotions and potions never penetrate the skin.  It’s like waxing your car without washing it. You’re simply moisturizing your moisturizer if you’re not exfoliating!

Microderm is a quick, effective, non-chemical way to clear off the urban decay, layers of goopy sun screen, dead skin, dirt and debris from daily living.  Regular microderms keep the skin soft and supple allowing our lotions and potions to actually penetrate the skin, providing much-needed hydration and radiant, glowing skin.

There are few negatives and many positives to a microderm facial:

1) decreased appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

2) increased effectiveness of home-care products

3) increased evenness of skin tone

4) safe for all skin types

5) non-chemical

6) no down time


1) sun sensitive for 72 hrs

2) skin may be slightly pink for a few hours after

3) home-care exfoliating products just can’t compete with a professional microderm

Shed some skin for the winter holidays!  Bag our amazing Christmas special – a microderm facial for only $45 (shhhh, get $10 more dollars off if booked before Christmas). Spread the word!


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