New Year’s Eve Party: White Fat vs Tanned Fat? Hmmm…

Happy Holi-Daze or should I say Holi-Graze. What are you showing off this year??  

…a little over indulgence, or perhaps a gorgeous ” I may have been to the Bahamas over Christmas…” sunless tan.  Darling, no one walks down the red carpet anymore without even a little spray-on color!

So why should you miss out on the fun to feel your best?

Accessible and quick, a sunless tan works with any outfit – especially that short, little number that goes great with those fab shoes you got on sale over Christmas. Even knee-high boots could do with a little tan between knee and thigh. And off-the-shoulder dresses or deep cleavage plunges beg for a golden glow to show off your assets.

What else has zero calories and takes just 15 minutes to make you look and feel great?!


1) scrub 24 hrs before with your favorite sugar scrub in the tub

2) hydrate well after the deep scrub

3) shave, wax, clear the hair at least 24 hrs in advance

4) remove make- up before tanning session


1) no sweating, or water on the skin for the prescribed time by your technician

2) rinse with warm water and a gentle soap

3) no scrubbing, you did that the day before, pat dry with a towel instead of rubbing dry

4) swimming and hot tubs with chlorine remove skin and therefore will remove your glowing tan

5) regularly apply lotion – most sunless tanning salons offer great hydrating after-care lotions. A small investment but a BIG pay off, trust us!

Book one of our legendary, flawless spray tans and get one FREE! Perfect for a last-minute Christmas gift! (offer available until January 1)

Light to Dark with a Tan!

Light to dark with a tan!

oops what is missing here!?

Oops what is missing here!?

Great Color!  Great Skin Color!

Great color! Great skin color!


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