Want to know the secret of youthful skin for the “new you” in 2014?? Read on…

Wonderful and relaxing, an exfoliating facial removes the dull layers of skin and brings back that youthful, dewy look.

The anatomy of the human skin

The anatomy of the human skin (Wikipedia)

Cell turnover on the skin begins to slow down in our early to late 20’s, leaving us with a dull shell especially on the face. Making regular facials part of your skin care routine early in life is a great way to stay looking young.

So what exactly does a facial do?

A facial offers deep exfoliation and stimulation of the skin.

Similar to the in-depth cleaning that you receive from the dentist, a skin care therapist will be able to open pores, remove impurities, and take away layers of dead dry skin. For most people, seeing the dentist is a twice-a-year event. With facials, it’s important to plan a monthly visit as this matches the skin cycle.

Regular 30-day intervals for facials will allow the old cells, dirt and bacteria to be removed in time for the fresh, bright cells to appear on the surface of the skin. Why?

Because the dermal layer never stops producing cells, no matter your age. Instead, without regular surface exfoliation from a facial, the cells just get stuck in a traffic jam trying to reach the surface.

New “baby” cells born in the dermis are round and plump and full of life. As these new cells push their way to the skin’s surface they experience transdermal water loss and begin to flatten out. The skin cells go from looking like plump round grapes to flat potato chips.

Microdermabrasion facial

Microdermabrasion facial

Without regular facials – including exfoliates such as microdermabrasion, scrubs, peels, and enzymes – these cells become flat and lifeless.

Keeping the cells moving like a steady stream of traffic is the job of an exfoliating facial.

Why can’t you just do all this at home?

You can! But in my ten years of experience as a skin care therapist I often see two mistakes:

1)  Under exfoliation – there’s not enough stimulation to really create effective removal of skin cells. This leaves the client feeling that the product or procedure is ineffective and a waste of time and money.

2)  Over exfoliation – this causes the cells to overproduce oil, which will create more clogging of the pores and will often lead to pimples.

We don’t leave the care of our precious teeth to the whim of the advertising market! You only have one face, take care of it with regular facials.

Book a facial today! Make your skin healthy and happy with an exfoliating facial!

Not only will it relax and de-stress you, your skin care specialist will send you home with a plan to continue to look and feel your best.

For more information on our rejuvenating facials and skin care treatments, click here.


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