Indulgent, winter DIY hot chocolate facial mask recipe

Winter wonderlands lend themselves to the wonderful wafting smells of hot chocolate after a day spent in the snow…

So why not treat your dry, weather-beaten skin to a sumptuous, oozing, indulgent…oh yes, and beneficial….DIY hot chocolate facial!

Circulatory-boosting chocolate

Circulatory-boosting chocolate

The stimulating, circulatory-boosting properties of chocolate

Particular to the Americas, the consumption of the “morning chocolate” became fashionable circa 1700.

However, fashion aside, facial masks containing chocolate increase vascular circulation and jump start the cells into action.

The caffeine in chocolate simulates the nervous system, while a deep dark chocolate provides free radical-fighting antioxidants that help slow down the hyper-oxidation of the skin that causes aging.

Chocolate as a cancer reducer

Later studies also indicate that the gloriously wonderful product we call chocolate contains anti-carcinogens – a substance that inhibits the development of cancer.

DIY Hot Chocolate Facial Mask

DIY hot chocolate facial mask

Add to that organic coconut oil – hydrating, moisturizing, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. It gently cleans and hydrates the skin taking with it bacteria, dirt and oil that can clog pores and cause those unromantic break outs. One of my clients swears that taking it internally solved her cystic acne! 

One last secret…yogurt. Particularly the organic whole milk kind that encourages growth of good bacteria on the skin’s surface.

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4 responses to “Indulgent, winter DIY hot chocolate facial mask recipe

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  2. I have not tried chocolate facial masks but I am tempted to try it. I like eating chocolates and I have been thinking of purchasing chocolate soap too. I also used coconut oil as a moisturizer so it is suitable for me. What kind of yogurt do you use for this facial mask? Ordinary or Greek yogurt?

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