How do I prepare for a sunless tan?

Creating a smooth canvas for your perfect sunless tan

THE SECRET??spray-tan-solution-300x269

A good sugar scrub 24 hours before your sunless tan session – this will help shed your body of the millions of skin cells that are naturally sloughed off each day, and it will set up an even canvas for your tan, allowing the tanning mist to be evenly distributed.

Afterwards, it is desirable to wait 24 hours to shower after the session, with a minimum of 12 hrs, to safeguard your freshly-tanned skin. Maintaining an even tan requires only 2-3 sessions per month – taking up a mere 45 minutes out of your busy schedule – and the confidence boost that comes with it will be priceless!


1) Scrub 24 hours beforehand with your favorite sugar scrub in the tub or shower.

2) Shave and/or wax body and facial hair at least 24 hours in advance.

3) Hydrate well after the deep scrub and other exfoliation processes –  Do NOT use lotion within 8 hours of a sunless tan.

4) Swim suits, panties, tank tops and/or shorts can be worn in a tanning session, but consider carefully the “tan lines” that will be left by what you are wearing.  Modesty is a wonderful virtue, but it can be left at the door of the sunless tanning booth – your technician is a professional and you will appreciate the overall glow without the “tan lines”.

5) Remove make-up before the tanning session.face 4

6)  Bring loose clothing to wear after the tan, and keep in mind that though the tanning solution washes out of most material, it is best not to wear white.


1) No sweating or water on the skin for the prescribed time by your technician, or you’ll risk streaking!

2) After the designated wait-time has passed, you can rinse your body with warm water and a gentle soap.

3) No scrubbing; you did that the day before, so don’t exfoliate, and just pat dry with a towel instead of rubbing dry.

4) Swimming in pools and soaking in hot tubs with chlorine removes skin cells; therefore refrain from both if you’d like to keep your tan glowing for the 5-7 day period.

5) Regularly apply a tan-preserving lotion – most sunless tanning salons offer great hydrating after-care lotions. A small investment but a BIG pay off, trust us!

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