How to get rid of facial hair: camping tips and tricks

Let’s face it, facial hair growth happens even when you are out in the wilds camping. No-one wants to look like a “bush women” even in the wilderness of spectacular Colorado!


When your normal alternatives simply aren’t possible!

My favorite tool for those wonderful stray hairs on the chinny chin chin or the lady mustache when away from home?

Tweezers, especially Swiss Army Knife tweezers.

And these small compact darlings fit in an inexpensive, intensely useful Swiss Army Knife. In fact, according to Tweezermania – The History of Tweezers:

“The word tweezer takes its origin from France. “Etui” is the root of the word; it comes from “etwee” that is taken from the Old French verb “estuier,” meaning to hold or keep safe.

An etwee describes a small case that people would use to carry small objects (such as toothpicks) with them. Over time, the object now known as “tweezers” took on this name because the tool was commonly found in these tiny carrying cases. Eventually, the word “tweeze” was accepted as a verb in the English language.

tweezers 2

The answer to getting rid of unwanted facial hair camping!

Leave it to the French to design a small, unseen fashion tool that keeps us beautiful discreetly!

The tool itself is actually pre-Egyptian with artifacts being found as early as 3000 BC. This tool enhances the precision of the grip thumb and forefinger grip with small objects or in tight places., i.e. have you ever been at a stop light and noticed with horror one long black hair in your chin that no-one bothered to tell you about??  Pulling it with thumb and forefinger is futile. But, had you stored your handy Swiss Army Knife in the glove box, the hair could be easily and swiftly removed (please pull over and park before attempting to remove offending hair follicle!).

Young woman in a wheat fieldSo, here is the real trick…

When camping it is often hard to find private time to take care of the little issues like hair removal. Here are a few statements you could use to create that opportunity (these also work if you want to read, take a nap, or simply stare at your navel):

1) I need to spend a few minutes sharpening my knife – can you take the kids to the fishing pond?

2) Can you finish cleaning up, I just need to put this rotten food in the dumpster over there. (Sneak behind dumpster and pluck away)

3) I think we left the car / truck lights on I will check. (Use built in car mirror)

4) Start on hike with family and then ask “It is going to sprinkle. Do you think the windows are up in the car / truck?” (run back, tweeze, then wait at bottom of trail)

5) Yes it is a beautiful day, what if you and the kids go for a hike and I stay here and get dinner ready?

6) Honey, my stomach is a little off – I am going be in here awhile. (Remember to take a mirror if it is a campground potty)

how to do your own eyebrows with tweezers

The original and the best – Swiss Army Knife

If none of these work, offer to go to town to get marshmallows, chocolate or ice cream (remember to pull over before plucking!).

In the unlikely event that your family wants to go too, offer to drop them off and park the car, grab the knife and pluck away. Remember to look totally absorbed in the multi-functions of the Swiss Army Knife when the family returns. A statement such as “look, I didn’t know it did this!” helps with the charade.

One precaution, others may ask to borrow your “knife”.  So as not to lose this most vital of tools it is wise to buy everyone over 7 years old in your family their own knife. A variety of colors helps distinguish whose is whose, and keeps you from losing those vital tweezers, or if you do lose them, take them from another family member’s knife and insert in your own (the tweezers all look the same). So, if you are asked to share your knife, respond kindly with, “oh sweetheart this is mommy’s knife, where is yours?”  This will keep them busy for a few minutes while you add in one of the other statements and escape with your very girlie knife to do the necessary grooming!

Tanya is a Skin Care Diva with 10 years of skin care experience and at least that many camping in the Colorado wilderness.

Check out her blog for more beauty tips & tricks, or her website for her  full range of beauty treatments and all-natural product line.





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