Fantastic Facials

Fantastic Facials

Joyus Skin - FacialsBefore you head to the altar or to the office, let Joyous Skin help you look your best.

Our wonderful women’s facials are perfect for bringing out YOUR best look for any occasion or location!

Renew your beauty with any of our wonderful facials based in Granby, Colorado. Joyous Skin provides a wide range of facial services, all of which help you become the center of attention wherever you are!

A-Quick Cleanup-$75

At 8,000′ above sea level, skin dehydration is inevitable. However, this 45-minute treatment cleanses and hydrates your skin with hyaluronic acid, nature’s plumper.

Let us “iron” out wrinkles with massage therapy and help you relax with a cooling mask that includes ice wine eye pads. The finishing touch is a sunblock application and a brush of coconut oil lip balm.

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From the Garden- $90

Cleansers, masks and oils designed to hydrate and strength skin with garden fresh ingredients. Cinnamon to turn up the heat and stimulate cell turn over and combined with Greek whole yogurt to provide probiotic & lactic exfoliation.

Greens to detoxify the skin, extra virgin olive oil to bring in lipids and hydrate. Finishing up with a soothing and cooling mask of oatmeal and honey.

This 60 minute facial offers head, neck, hand and foot massage. Heavy hemp lotions are applied to the body to replenish lost fluids and smooth dry skin.

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Signature & Microdermal Facials-$125

Separately, a signature facial costs $85 for one hour and microdermal facial costs $ 75 for 30 minutes. You can also combine both into a one-hour service for $125. No matter how wonderful your skin products are, they must penetrate the skin to work. A microdermal facial scrapes off dry, crusty layers of dead skin that are glued to your face by dirt and oil.

Enjoy your hands, feet, and scalp massage as your skin drinks in moisture. The finishing serum and massage break up fused fine muscles that cause wrinkles, leaving you looking refreshed and ready for a night on the town.

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Teen Facial-$65

Stop eruptions with this one-hour facial. It eliminates acne with a three-step home care process. I guarantee you’ll see significant changes in two weeks. In four to six months, you’ll see smooth, clear skin.

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Stop-You-in-the-Street, Obagi Blue Radiance Peel-$100

In 30 minutes, reduce wrinkles, brown spots, and uneven skin textures that have made you avoid mirrors. This non-invasive peel, when done in a series, can restart your skin’s collagen and provide minimal flaking with great cell turnover. A series of four to six peels in the spring and fall is recommended, along with sunblock, for best results.

Add a layer of retinoic acid for a deeper peel for $25 more.

Worth the extra step!

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Vi Peel-Anyone want younger healthier Skin?-$200

Joyous Skin - VI Peel FacialA new generation of Peels, the Vi Peel reverses the effects of sun damage (brown spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation), improves the tone, texture and clarity of skin, soften lines and wrinkles, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for firmer skin and clears acne skin conditions.

Vi Peel uses a combination of ingredients to reach different levels and conditions of the skin. A series is recommended for best results.

Precision Booster for stubborn hyperpigmentation and melasma can be added to the peel to make it 25% stronger. Especially good for hands, arms, or chest.

Booster is an additional $60.

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Blushing Brides Consultation

You have the man, the dress, the location, and the guest list, but do you have a lovely face? Let me design the perfect plan for your skin on your wedding day. Your guests will leave remarking on your radiant skin!

Please contact me at least six weeks in advance to set up your complimentary consultation.


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